Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So much to do....and yet...

Well, it's officially the holiday season. I have a lot to do before
next Tuesday's surgery!! This weekend, after the basketball games and
swim meet, I am hoping we can get our tree up and decorate the house.
I love Christmas time. It was always such a special time for me
growing up. Our trip to Grandma and Grandpa's the Saturday before and
gathering at Uncle Dick's house. Santa always made a special visit and
we had homemade ice cream with homemade fudge sauce after our lovely
buffet meal. Then, the entire family returned to 333 Main Street for
our family Christmas. There were ornaments hanging from each square of
the tiled ceiling and a sweet "bird" sang from within the tree
branches. We watched patiently as everyone opened gifts, chatting and
enjoying our family time together. It was just as Christmas should
be: full of memories and traditions to remember even as adults. My
own children shared some Christmases just as I did; however, now Gram
is in a nursing home and we no longer gather at her home. I miss this
tradition each and every year. One year, cousin Jon played the guitar
and we all sang "the grinch song" among other classics. It was such a
special time. Some years, our tree does not go up until December's too busy, too much to do.....excuses, excuses! This
year, as I recover from the sofa, I can't wait to be surrounded by the
sights, scents and sounds of Christmases past. I even have a "bird"
to hide in the tree. Something about traditions and memories I hold so
dear will certainly help me heal! What could be better than
surrounding myself in a continuous celebration of the birth of a
Precious Babe--Jesus Christ our Savior. This feeling from within me
warms me and gives me peace. One day soon, I will be free from this
mysterious mass, maybe not free of post operative discomforts, but at
least I will be surrounded by these comforting memories. I will
especially be comforted knowing that Jesus--the reason for this
special, magical, glorious season--is in my heart <3 <3

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  1. Well said Candie. I got to share in one of those Christmases at your grandmothers. I remember thinking how many people there were! Good times and good memories! Your surgery will go well I'm sure!