Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day job??....kid review...Allison's birthday!!

Well, I made it through a day shift--pretty good for someone whose life is usually backwards since she's worked nights or evenings for the last 10 years!! I don't even remember what a day job is like--LOL!! Regardless, we were busy and I had the pleasure of helping our newest nurse out today--she was wonderful to have along and caught on to everything incredibly fast! Some people are just naturals at what they choose in life :) :) (her that is, not a shameless brag for me LOL!!) So, after work I bombed down the River Road after dropping off the official changeover form for Ed to start up insurance under me for the next few months--this is SOOOO becoming ReALiTy!! I had 4 kids getting off the bus and one at daycare, and I managed to remember everyone and, maybe even their lunchboxes too!! We even ran a few errands and then went to the Y for some swimming. It was nice to feel "like everyone else" for a day. I was sleepy from about noon on, despite the "busy-ness" of the OB unit (not baby-wise--pregnant visit-wise). Now, you guessed it, I'm laying here typing this to the rythym of Ed's quiet breathing!! How unfair that this dude I married can sleep through a Parade and Marching Bands booming through our bedroom and I wake up to a feather falling on the basement floor--OK, that is an exaggeration, but it is almost the truth!! Maybe it is just the Mommy in me. On that note, Calvin actually admitted that he thinks I have eyes in the back of my head this evening!! I was impressed--but now I have this aweful image and wonder if anyone really DOES have eyes in the back of their head!?? Maybe Austin can draw me a picture of that--his imagination is wild and downright odd most of the time--but that just makes him, HIM!!
As we left the Y tonight, we happened to see Dr. Steve. I explained to him how the 4 shots my daughter recieved yesterday did not slow her down in any way!! When he chuckled and asked her about it, she laughed back and said, "remember! You said I could punch Cameron!!" That is really not how it happened--lol--but Dr. Steve is such a good sport, he went along with it, and Cam, being Cam, did too :) :) It was pretty funny coming from this fiesty little five year old!! Oh, I musn't forget my Hunter-man!! He had a little time out from the pool tonight--the crocodile tears welled up and I even felt bad for him, buuuutt....the lifeguard is right--tough love for the little man!! He got back in, but I'm sure it brought a flashback to him of a few years ago when one particular swim instructor plopped him on a bench out of the pool (no towel!!) after five minutes of swim class and forgot to let him back in for the entire class--he didn't go back and we haven't participated in swim lessons since, even though she's been gone a long time!! I couldn't put him through that heartbreak again--she didn't even offer an explanation until I approached her and told her it was inappropriate--then it was a lame one! Oh well, here I ramble--what's done is done!! He forgave this lifeguard and she seemed to return that feeling because he was splashing and jumping around a few minutes later. :) :)
Well, I suppose I could jump back on facebook and take a quiz or two--maybe sleep will come!! Hey, have a happy Friday--It's Allison's Birthday!! She's 14--all grow-ed up!! Happy Birthday, Allison!!

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