Monday, March 16, 2009

Why Can't I sleep??????

Well, here I am, yet another night, lying here wide awake with a house full of sleeping kids, animals and Ed too (he sometimes qualifies as both--lol!!). I just got home about an hour ago from a busy but nice evening shift at the hospital. A baby was born and we all sighed a sigh of relief and a few new grey hairs sprouted on each of our heads...all is good. It is such an adventure even getting to bed at our house that it makes total sense why I am so awake. I first have to face my complete fear of the dark and make a run from the truck to the house, hoping that all the shadows I see are just that and not the waiting coyote we often hear way too near our house. Once inside, I pick up no less than 2 pairs of socks for the hamper, a pair of boots and a wet bathing suit entangled with a towel in a shaw's bag. I then proceed to the bathroom because I can hear the loud cries of a puppy as soon as the front door closes behind me. Sure enough, Lilly, our black lab who gave birth to 8 beautiful puppies last Saturday night, is nursing 5 of the 6 pups who survived. One little adventurer--blind and deaf to the world--cries out loudly from across the room, front arms swimming and searching. I scoop her up and bring her to her mother. Just as she latches on, Lilly jumps up and darts for the door--GREAT! This starts the puppies all hooting and howling. But, Lilly is panting loudly and it feels like the room is 100 degrees, so she gets a late night trip out the door to cool off some. Never leaving the porch, I call her back in and redirect her to the puppies--of course I must fill her food bowl--nursing Mommies must have food at hand ALWAYS!! Then, I turn off two cable boxes--why waste electricity--and peak in on my sleeping 9 year old. He is so big to me tonight-he's losing that sweet baby-ness and starting to look more like a tween...I've tried digging my heels in in protest, but obviously, he's still trudging forward and getting to be a big boy. I somehow manage to gather several more laundry items and some toys and puzzle pieces which I put away and then head upstairs where Em and Hunter are fast asleep--same problem, they grow so fast :( :( What great kids we have!! Well, now I see Ed sleeping and turn on the 3 watt light on my side of the bed while I sit to eat the yogurt snack I managed to bring upstairs with me. Of course, just as I glance toward Ed to see if he is really asleep or just lying there avoiding conversation, his eyes open wide and he looks horrified before giving a yawn and rolling over and back to sleep. Phew--OK, quick update of my Biggest Loser group (somehow they felt I should run this, but that could be an entire blog in itself) using the spreadsheet I mustered together ALL BY MYSELF, before checking and updating my Facebook account. Just then, I lay down, laptop still on and suddenly, I hear the cat hacking and hurling. She is obviously inches away--in fact, she is laying on Ed's knee area and about ready to let the big trail of cat barf go all over our Christmas Gift Comforter and ED!! So, I kindly rescue him by whispering a "pssst..." which causes the poor man to sit bolt upright with a horrified look and breathing heavy and loudly!! Great, I've just read that he went to bed a few hours ago due to a nagging headache and I'm sure its back if it ever left!! Well, at least we're spared the cat barf for a few more minutes--probably until one of us has to use the bathroom and find ourselves stepping in it somewhere, as she ran off in annoyance with my "pssting" and Ed's reaction. Hmmm...writing apparently makes me sleepy so I'll go now before I wake up again

Night all!!

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