Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The puppies...and what was I thinkin'?

The puppies are growing so fast!! Two of the little girls have opened their eyes over the course of the day and the third girl is slightly opened; all three boys are still closed eyed. See, girls really do mature faster than boys!! LOL Maybe I should have called this blog "what was I thinking??". I agreed to a day shift tomorrow and now, it being 10:11pm and I am blogging, I realize there is no way I will not be very tired tomorrow!! I taught the last childbirth ed class of my March series so I'll have a few Wednesday nights off before Centering CBEd starts up, but I left the hospital exhausted after a small "discussion" with a grouchy lab lady. Then, I had to turn around and go back to the hospital because I left my Cell on the office table and was having MAJOR separation anxiety!! I haven't been "cell-less" for 10 years!! We got it before Cam was born in case Ed was out and about and I went into labor! LOL who knew I'd actually depend on the darn thing--back then, it was like carrying around a brick--heavy and completely un-streamlined!! I remember testing him while he was golfing--hours later he called me and I lectured him, "what if it was real?"; "but it wasn't" he said, "but what if it was"; "i knew it wasn't" he said---WHATEVER!! LOL wow--talk about a tangent!! Goodnight :) :)

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